Dictionary of Italian Cuisine

Author: Maureen B. Fant
ISBN: 9780880016124
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Defines Italian terms for cooking techniques, foods, spices, styles of cooking, and specific dishes from Italian cuisine

Eating Drinking in Italy

Author: Andy Herbach
Publisher: Open Road
ISBN: 9781593602260
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The most complete Italian-language menu translator available, plus great restaurant picks for Italy’s major cities and towns! It isn’t the chicken you thought you ordered. It’s a plate of cold brains. Nor is it the delectable slices of beef braised in red wine; those are veal kidneys. These are the pitfalls of ordering off a menu in a foreign country. To prevent just such accidents, we give you Andy Herbach’s Eating & Drinking in Italy now in its 8th revised edition, with an additional 32 pages of restaurant reviews and even more dining terms! This guide offers the most complete Italian-language menu translator available, plus great restaurant picks for Italy’s major cities and towns! Menus written in a foreign language are confusing and filled with slang and idioms. Uccelli scappatti are skewered sausages grilled with sage, but the word means “escaped birds.” Stinco is braised veal or pork shank. Nothing can make a trip more enjoyable and rewarding than being able to order a great meal without having an anxiety attack. The new 8th edition of Eating & Drinking in Italy includes: • A great (and down-to-earth) restaurant guide • A comprehensive Italian-menu translator • Advice on restaurant etiquette • A short pronunciation guide • Opinions on everything food-related, from what to eat to where to get it…

Customer Loyalty Guaranteed

Author: Chip R Bell
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 9781598694680
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'Customer Loyalty Guaranteed' shows leaders at all levels how to awaken the 'spirit to serve' in every employee. It includes the seven customer service personalities that build unbreakable customer loyalty and practices for maintaining remarkable service over the long-term.

Lost in the Beehive

Author: Michele Young-Stone
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451657668
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the author of Above Us Only Sky and The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors, a touching new novel set in the 1960s about the power of friendship, love, and accepting your past in order to find a future. For nearly her entire life, Gloria Ricci has been followed by bees. They’re there when her mother loses twin children; when she first meets a neighborhood girl named Isabel, who brings out feelings in her that she knows she shouldn’t have; and when her parents, desperate to “help” her, bring her to the Belmont Institute, whose glossy brochures promise healing and peace. She tells no one, but their hum follows her as she struggles to survive against the Institute’s cold and damaging methods, as she meets an outspoken and unapologetic fellow patient named Sheffield Schoeffler, and as they run away, toward the freewheeling and accepting glow of 1960s Greenwich Village, where they create their own kind of family among the artists and wanderers who frequent the jazz bars and side streets. As Gloria tries to outrun her past, experiencing profound love—and loss—and encountering a host of unlikely characters, including her Uncle Eddie, a hard-drinking former boyfriend of her mother’s, to Madame Zelda, a Coney Island fortune teller, and Jacob, the man she eventually marries but whose dark side threatens to bring disaster, the bees remain. It’s only when she needs them most that Gloria discovers why they’re there. Moving from the suburbs of New Jersey to the streets of New York to the swamps of North Carolina and back again, Lost in the Beehive is a poignant novel about the moments that teach us, the places that shape us, and the people who change us.