Solution Thermodynamics and its Application to Aqueous Solutions

Author: Yoshikata Koga
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080551876
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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As the title suggests, we introduce a novel differential approach to solution thermodynamics and use it for the study of aqueous solutions. We evaluate the quantities of higher order derivative than the normal thermodynamic functions. We allow these higher derivative data speak for themselves without resorting to any model system. We thus elucidate the molecular processes in solution, (referred to in this book “mixing scheme ), to the depth equal to, if not deeper, than that gained by spectroscopic and other methods. We show that there are three composition regions in aqueous solutions of non-electrolytes, each of which has a qualitatively distinct mixing scheme. The boundary between the adjacent regions is associated with an anomaly in the third derivatives of G. The loci of the anomalies in the temperature-composition field form the line sometimes referred as “Koga line . We then take advantage of the anomaly of a third derivative quantity of 1-propanol in the ternary aqueous solution, 1-propanol – sample species – H2O. We use its induced change as a probe of the effect of a sample species on H2O. In this way, we clarified what a hydrophobe, or a hydrophile, and in turn, an amphiphile, does to H2O. We also apply the same methodology to ions that have been ranked by the Hofmeister series. We show that the kosmotropes (salting out, or stabilizing agents) are either hydrophobes or hydration centres, and that chaotropes (salting in, or destablizing agents) are hydrophiles. A new differential approach to solution thermodynamics A particularly clear elucidation of the mixing schemes in aqueous solutions A clear understandings on the effects of hydrophobes, hydrophiles, and amphiphiles to H2O A clear understandings on the effects of ions on H2O in relation to the Hofmeister effect A new differential approach to studies in muti-component aqueous solutions

Molecular Theory of Water and Aqueous Solutions Understanding water

Author: Arieh Ben-Naim
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company Incorporated
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The aim of this book is to explain the unusual properties of both pure liquid water and simple aqueous solutions, in terms of the properties of single molecules and interactions among small numbers of water molecules. It is mostly the result of the author's own research spanning over 40 years in the field of aqueous solutions. An understanding of the properties of liquid water is a prelude to the understanding of the role of water in biological systems and for the evolvement of life. The book is targeted at anyone who is interested in the outstanding properties of water and its role in biological systems. It is addressed to both students and researchers in chemistry, physics and biology.

The Mathematics of Diffusion

Author: John Crank
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198534112
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Though it incorporates much new material, this new edition preserves the general character of the book in providing a collection of solutions of the equations of diffusion and describing how these solutions may be obtained.