A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove

Author: Bill Wittliff
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292721739
Format: PDF, Docs
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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the 1989 CBS debut of the multi-award-winning miniseries Lonesome Dove, UT Press is pleased to issue a commemorative edition of A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove. This edition features a new deluxe dust jacket with new photographs of Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, as well as a specially designed twenty-year commemorative sticker. With 25,000 copies of the regular edition sold, this anniversary edition - which is limited to 5,000 copies - will surely become a collectible.

The Evolution of U S Trade Intermediaries

Author: Anne C. Perry
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780899307084
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book fills a gap in our knowledge of the practice of international marketing. The functions provided by international trade intermediaries (ITIs), on behalf of manufacturers unable or unwilling to assume them has been studied before. However, their evolution in the context of the challenging international environment, which is traced and analyzed here by Anne C. Perry, has not been previously addressed. New empirical data on ITIs and their survival strategies is reported, and a conceptual model of their evolution based on organization, marketing, and international-business theories is developed. This model represents a first major step toward a theory of international trade intermediation in the United States. First, Perry introduces (1) the evolutionary model, which guided the field study of ITIs and formed the basis of the questionnaire and (2) a comprehensive conceptual framework that considers ITIs in terms of actors, their environment, their processes (activities), their structure (organization), and their function (contribution). The new business environment, its effects on ITIs, and their strategic adaptations are analyzed next. Changes in the products carried, the markets served, and the services provided by ITIs are investigated--while challenges to the U.S. industry of international trade intermediation are assessed. Successful and unsuccessful ITI strategies are contrasted to draw concrete implications for practitioners. Further implications for policymakers and researchers are also discussed.

The Book of Al

Author: Allan Jones
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466983574
Format: PDF, Mobi
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When was the last time you heard of a family member or friend of a friend that was told by a professional that they were suffering from a mental illness? One out of five people will at sometime in their life suffer from a mental illness. Males and females are in their teens when it strikes them. Some people later on in life. I am just a lay person. A tradesman at best. The stigma of mental illness is real. The sad thing about it is that people that suffer from mental illnesses are the hardest on themselves, meaning patients play head games with one another instead of helping one another. What a sad state of affairs.

The Mouse in Your Wallet

Author: Reuben Wanjala
Publisher: Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc
ISBN: 9781606043585
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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According to the 2005 U.S. Census Bureau report there are over 113 million households with a median income of $46,326 per year and an average debt of $10,000. With a majority making minimum payments it will take more than 10 years to pay them off. No wonder when it comes to investing for retirement, the question is always 'Where is the money?' We spend every penny just to keep up. The Mouse in Your Wallet is written by an average American who's found a way to make money work at the low and middle-income level. Author Reuben Wanjala will teach you the techniques to change your spending habits and get out of debt. You will learn what to look for and how to respond to the marketing pressures that surround you. The Mouse in Your Wallet will guide you and your family to budget your finances better and change your perspective on the three fundamentals of financial mattersdebt, savings, and investments.

Annual Editions Technologies Social Media and Society 20 e

Author: Daniel Mittleman
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9781259170980
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Annual Editions series is designed to provide convenient, inexpensive access to a wide range of current articles from some of the most respected magazines, newspapers, and journals published today. Annual Editions are updated on a regular basis through a continuous monitoring of over 300 periodical sources. The articles selected are authored by prominent scholars, researchers, and commentators writing for a general audience. Each Annual Editions volume has a number of features designed to make them especially valuable for classroom use: an annotated Table of Contents, a Topic Guide, an annotated listing of supporting websites, Learning Outcomes and a brief overview for each unit, and Critical Thinking questions at the end of each article. Go to the McGraw-Hill CreateTM Annual Editions Article Collection at www.mcgrawhillcreate.com/annualeditions to browse the entire collection. Select individual Annual Editions articles to enhance your course, or access and select the entire Mittleman: Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society, 20/e ExpressBook for an easy, pre-built teaching resource by clicking here. An online Instructor’s Resource Guide with testing material is available for each Annual Editions volume. Using Annual Editions in the Classroom is also an excellent instructor resource. Visit the Create Central Online Learning Center at www.mhhe.com/createcentral for more details.

Infant Feeding and Nutrition for Primary Care

Author: Donald Bentley
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 9781857758665
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Are vitamins really essential? Is there a place for goat's milk? What do I do when preparing food which contains salt and sugar?These are just a few questions that parents may raise with their family doctor or health visitor regarding the controversies over nutrition for their infants. This book endeavours to answer these nutritional-based questions, covering important aspects from breastfeeding, baby formula, allergy and prevention of heart disease, all of which require information to make informed decisions.

Watching Television Audiences

Author: John Tulloch
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9780340741429
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book is an up-to-date survey of current work on the audiences for different TV genres. It provides students and academics not only with an understanding of audience theories but also of the different methodologies used to research different types of audience.

Internet Linguistics

Author: David Crystal
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136825592
Format: PDF
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The Internet is now an integral part of contemporary life, and linguists are increasingly studying its influence on language. In this student-friendly guidebook, leading language authority Professor David Crystal follows on from his landmark bestseller Language and the Internet and presents the area as a new field: Internet linguistics. In his engaging trademark style, Crystal addresses the online linguistic issues that affect us on a daily basis, incorporating real-life examples drawn from his own studies and personal involvement with Internet companies. He provides new linguistic analyses of Twitter, Internet security, and online advertising, explores the evolving multilingual character of the Internet, and offers illuminating observations about a wide range of online behaviour, from spam to exclamation marks. Including many activities and suggestions for further research, this is the essential introduction to a critical new field for students of all levels of English language, linguistics and new media.

Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

Author: Steve Bowkett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113684287X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Coaching Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom is a practical resource to help Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 teachers explore and understand a range of concepts, principles and techniques gathered under the term ‘emotional intelligence’, and the way that this powerfully influences pupils’ behaviour and learning in the classroom. Creative activities are suggested throughout, leading towards a more explicit focus on coaching methods to help pupils become independent, creative and effective learners able to set goals, generate ideas, solve problems and arrive at reasoned decisions. This book focuses on five key areas: self-awareness innovative and inventive thinking independent enquiry collaborative learning communication skills. Dealing in an engaging way with social and emotional aspects of learning, personalised learning, thinking skills and social inclusion, the authors offer teachers all of the necessary tools to help pupils build life- and people-skills which will extend beyond school. It will be of interest to all practising teachers, teaching assistants and school counsellors working with young people.

Astronomies and Cultures in Early Medieval Europe

Author: Stephen C. McCluskey
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521778527
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book provides an overview of the astronomical practices that continued through the so-called "Dark Ages." Like the astronomies of traditional societies, early medieval astronomies established a religious framework of sacred time and ritual calender; here Christian feasts tied to a pre-Christian ritual solar calender, the date of Easter tied to the Hebrew lunar calender; and the timing of monastic prayers in terms of the course of the stars. Coupled with the remnants of ancient geometrical astronomy, these provided the framework for the rebirth of astronomy with the rise of the medieval universities.