Les panels

Author: Annie Mars
Publisher: Heures de France
ISBN: 9782853852609
Format: PDF
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Cet ouvrage a pour objectif de faciliter le dialogue entre le Visiteur Médical et ses interlocuteurs du siège du laboratoire, marketeurs ou managers de forces de ventes. Pour concevoir son plan marketing, le chef de produit utilise des données de marché. Pour mettre en place le système de motivation, le management de la visite médicale s'appuie sur des informations chiffrées concernant la concurrence. Et ainsi beaucoup de métiers s'intéressant à l'allocation de ressources utilisent cette " matière première ". Ces données de marché ou informations chiffrées proviennent d'outils standards, présents dans tous les laboratoires, appelés "panels" et connus sous des sigles comme CAM, GERS, IMS... Ces panels mesurent 3 paramètres fondamentaux : les ventes, la prescription et les investissements promotionnels. Ils sont établis à partir de recueils d'informations, mis en place auprès de médecins, pharmaciens, grossistes, voire laboratoires pharmaceutiques. Les résultats sont consultables dans des bases de données, exploitées par les Services Etudes de Marché des laboratoires pharmaceutiques. Leur analyse demande une expertise qui s'acquière en sélectionnant les données selon la problématique à résoudre. Curiosité d'esprit et rigueur sont essentielles pour exceller dans l'interprétation des panels. La finalité étant d'investiguer, comprendre, donner un sens aux chiffres, anticiper.

Progress in Hybrid RANS LES Modelling

Author: Song Fu
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642318185
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The present book contains contributions presented at the Fourth Symposium on Hybrid RANS-LES Methods, held in Beijing, China, 28-30 September 2011, being a continuation of symposia taking place in Stockholm (Sweden, 2005), in Corfu (Greece, 2007), and Gdansk (Poland, 2009). The contributions to the last two symposia were published as NNFM, Vol. 97 and Vol. 111. At the Beijing symposium, along with seven invited keynotes, another 46 papers (plus 5 posters) were presented addressing topics on Novel turbulence-resolving simulation and modelling, Improved hybrid RANS-LES methods, Comparative studies of difference modelling methods, Modelling-related numerical issues and Industrial applications.. The present book reflects recent activities and new progress made in the development and applications of hybrid RANS-LES methods in general.

Les panels

Author: Jean-Marc Décaudin
Publisher: Pearson Education France
ISBN: 9782744075933
Format: PDF
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Cet ouvrage pratique et opérationnel permet un réel apprentissage à l'exploitation des données de panels et à l'analyse des décisions à prendre. Des compétences fortement attendues chez les marketeurs.

Masculinities in Contemporary Africa

Author: Egodi Uchendu
Publisher: African Books Collective
ISBN: 2869782276
Format: PDF
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Although gender and non-gender scholars have studied men, such an academic exercise requires a critical and focused study of masculine subjects in particular social contexts, which is what this book attempts to do. This empirically rich collection of essays, the seventh of the CODESRIA Gender Series, deals with critical examinations of various shades and ramifications of Africa's masculinities and what these portend for the peoples of Africa and for gender relations in the continent. So much has changed in terms of notions and expressions of masculinities in Africa since ancient times, but many aspects of contemporary masculinities were fashioned during and since the colonial period. The papers in this volume were initially discussed at the 2005 month-long CODESRIA Gender Institute in Dakar. The contributors are gender scholars drawn from various disciplines in the wide fields of the humanities and the social sciences with research interests in the critical study of men and masculinities in Africa. The CODESRIA Gender Series aims at keeping alive and nourishing the African social science knowledge base with insightful research and debates that challenge conventional wisdom, structures and ideologies that are narrowly informed by caricatures of gender realities. The series strives to showcase the best in African gender research and provide a platform for emerging new talents to flower.

Les Miserables

Author: Victor Hugo
Publisher: Trajectory, Inc.
ISBN: 1620280051
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A monumental classic dedicated to the oppressed, the underdog, the laborer, the rebel, the orphan, and the misunderstood, Les Miserables is a rich, emotional novel that captures nothing less than the entirety of life in nineteenth-century France. Les Miserables is primarily a great humanitarian work that encourages compassion and hope in the face of adversity and injustice. It is also a historical novel of great scope, and provides a detailed vision of nineteenth-century French politics and society. Sensational, dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, Les Miserables is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document. The story of how the convict Jean-Valjean struggled to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity, in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance, became the gospel of the poor and the oppressed. Beautifully illustrated, this classic tale will capture children's interest and spark their imagination inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading.