A History of Aviation in Alderney

Author: Edward Pinnegar
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445624648
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A richly illustrated look at the aviation industry in Alderney, celebrating three special anniversaries.

Disaster Citizenship

Author: Jacob A.C. Remes
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252097947
Format: PDF
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A century ago, governments buoyed by Progressive Era–beliefs began to assume greater responsibility for protecting and rescuing citizens. Yet the aftermath of two disasters in the United States-Canada borderlands--the Salem Fire of 1914 and the Halifax Explosion of 1917--saw working class survivors instead turn to friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members for succor and aid. Both official and unofficial responses, meanwhile, showed how the United States and Canada were linked by experts, workers, and money. In Disaster Citizenship , Jacob A. C. Remes draws on histories of the Salem and Halifax events to explore the institutions--both formal and informal--that ordinary people relied upon in times of crisis. He explores patterns and traditions of self-help, informal order, and solidarity and details how people adapted these traditions when necessary. Yet, as he shows, these methods--though often quick and effective--remained illegible to reformers. Indeed, soldiers, social workers, and reformers wielding extraordinary emergency powers challenged these grassroots practices to impose progressive "solutions" on what they wrongly imagined to be a fractured social landscape. Innovative and engaging, Disaster Citizenship excavates the forgotten networks of solidarity and obligation in an earlier time while simultaneously suggesting new frameworks in the emerging field of critical disaster studies.

Curse of The Narrows

Author: Laura M. MacDonald
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 0802715109
Format: PDF
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Early December, 1917, the city of Halifax was destroyed by a catastrophic explosion which triggered a tsunami and was then followed by a blizzard, isolating it from the world.

The Changing Face of the Channel Islands Occupation

Author: Hazel Knowles Smith
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230627595
Format: PDF
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This independent study has already attracted controversy. Containing much fresh evidence, it vividly portrays the Islanders' day-to-day Occupation experiences, whilst exploring - and often refuting - what are today becoming received ideas of a mostly 'shameful' wartime past.

The British Channel Islands Under German Occupation 1940 1945

Author: Paul Sanders
Publisher: Paul Sanders
ISBN: 0953885836
Format: PDF, Docs
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The British Isles have only been successfully invaded and occupied once since 1066: the German occupation of the Channel Islands from 1940 - 1945. This book commemorates both a defining period in the history of the islands and an important, but neglected aspect of contemporary British history. The book is the result of an exhaustive collecting effort in archives across Europe, some as far as the former Soviet bloc. In unparalleled depth this fascinating book goes to the very essence of the occupation, recasting old questions and providing many new answers. It describes and analyses the issues of collaboration, resistance, survival culture and relations between Germans and islanders. In addition it provides a novel approach to the fate of the slave and forced workers brought to the islands to work on the fortifications. Also the circumstances of the Islands' Jews, some of whom were deported to concentration camps, are explored. For the first time, this book also presents an in-depth account of British post-war policy towards island collaboration and of the divergences of war memory in the Channel Islands and Britain. The source of profound misunderstanding, this has overshadowed the relationship over the past sixty years.