Herbal Folk Medicine

Author: Thomas Broken Bear Squier
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 1466877375
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Our ancestors looked to plants and herbs for relief from common ailments such as colds, bruises, stomachaches, and sore muscles. Today we can look to those same herbs for relief from the skyrocketing cost of commercial medicines. - Medieval Europeans used St., John's wort to fight melancholia. Today we call it depression, but St. John's wort is still an effective remedy for many people. - Garlic has many uses, from fighting colds and infections to repelling ticks. The people of China have called it an official medicine since the sixth century. - Plains Indians have known for centuries that echinacea can fight colds by boosting immunity. This practical A to Z guide from Squier and Peden is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to share in the immense wealth of herbal folk medicine. You'll learn the historical and modern uses of every major medicinal herb, as well as how to prepare them and even harvest them from the wild. The engaging entries and cross-referenced appendix of ailments make Herbal Folk Medicine an excellent resource you will treasure.

The Essential Book of Herbal Medicine

Author: Simon Y. Mills
Publisher: Penguin Mass Market
ISBN: 9780140193091
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is a reference book which combines modern medical principles and traditional medicine into a modern philosophy of herbalism. Beginning with human pathology, this book shows how plants act on the body, and how research has demonstrated that herbs are viable medicines in today's scientific climate. A pharmacology describes the active constituents of plants, while a materia medica describes over 200 plants and shows how to recognize them, prepare them and use them for healing purposes.

Equine Herbs and Healing An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide to Holistic Horse Wellness

Author: Maya Cointreau
Publisher: Earth Lodge via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1944396101
Format: PDF, ePub
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This informative and beautifully illustrated barn companion teaches you how to combine and use herbs most effectively for your horse’s benefit. Learn what herbs have been used traditionally for which ailments and how to make your own salves, tinctures, braces, and sprays. Praise for Equine Herbs & Healing: “Equine Herbs & Healing is a must-have resource.” – Equine Wellness Magazine “A great gift.” – Natural Horse Magazine Horses of the past were free to roam on large acreages and commonly sought out the wild herbs and other native medicinal plants they needed to stay properly conditioned. Modern horses rely on their human owners to supply the herbs they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy. The herbalists at Earth Lodge Herbals have brought together years of herbal experience to bring you this Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness: Equine Herbs & Healing, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your horse the natural way.

The Herbal Body Book

Author: Jeanne Rose
Publisher: Frog Books
ISBN: 9781583940044
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book pairs a wide variety of ailments with possible plant cures. Each plant recommended is described in anecdotal detail. This book includes recipes for the newcomer and expert. It also includes a glossary of specialized terms, herbs, and recipes. Everything you need from hair products to belly salve for a pregnant woman is inside this most useful companion. Jeanne Rose encourages the reader to make your own blend of herbs to target specific conditions and not only follow a limited number of recipes.

The Green Pharmacy

Author: James A. Duke
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312966485
Format: PDF
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Written by a pioneer in the field of herbal medicine, an accurate and expansive medical reference guide examines a wide range of herbs and explains how to use them as remedies for common diseases and conditions. Reprint.

The Encyclopedia of Crystals Herbs and New Age Elements

Author: Adams Media
Publisher: "F+W Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1440591091
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Your essential guide to the power of New Age elements! From crystals and herbs to flowers and essential oils, this comprehensive guide shows you how to use a variety of New Age elements to enhance your life. Each page includes information on their attributes, healing properties, and how they can be applied in any situation. With detailed descriptions and an informative glossary, you can quickly discover the New Age element that best serves your purpose, whether it's promoting healing, activating creativity, or bringing about good fortune. Complete with beautiful, full-color photographs, this book teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about crystals, herbs, and other popular New Age elements.

Secrets of Native American Herbal Remedies

Author: Anthony J. Cichoke
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781583331002
Format: PDF, ePub
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Describes the Native American concept of healing, which stresses the balance of mind, body, and spirit; offers an alphabetical listing of therapies and their recipes; and discusses other healing practices.

Herbal Remedies A Z

Author: Infinite Ideas
Publisher: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 1908474459
Format: PDF
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Feel good and look great with this essential handbook of helpful herbs. Do you want to use more natural methods to treat everyday ailments but feel unsure where to start? Herbal remedies A – Z will guide you through the bewildering array of herbal remedies, explaining the most useful herbs to have in your medicine chest, how they work, and how to use them safely. For a wide range of ailments from acne and constipation to stress and sleeplessness, we suggest simple but effective remedies, and even let you in on a few herbal beauty secrets.

The Healing Herbs

Author: Michael Castleman
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553569880
Format: PDF, Docs
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Profiles one hundred of the most frequently used medicinal plants, tracing their history, folklore, and healing properties and offering an accessible A-to-Z encyclopedia that lists remedies for common ailments. Reprint.