G nocide

Author: Yves Ternon
Publisher: Armand Colin
ISBN: 2200615353
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Génocide. Ce néologisme, créé par Rafael Lemkin en 1943 pour signifier la destruction des Juifs d’Europe, assassinés pour ce qu’ils étaient, n’appartient hélas pas au passé. Avant la Shoah, le monde avait été témoin du génocide des Arméniens en 1915 ; plus près de nous, en 1994, les Tutsi furent également les victimes de ces destructions de masse. Yves Ternon s’est consacré depuis les années 1960 à l’étude de la médecine allemande sous le national-socialisme. Il est depuis devenu un historien de premier plan sur la question du crime de génocide. Cet ouvrage, qui constitue la synthèse de ses recherches sur la question, est consacré dans un premier temps à « décortiquer » les sources idéologiques, juridiques et historiques ; dans un second temps, aux paramètres ayant conduit à leur application visant à la destruction du peuple arménien de l’Empire ottoman, des Juifs d’Europe et des Tutsi du Rwanda. La préface de l’historienne Annette Becker revient sur le parcours d’Yves Ternon, parcours ayant abouti à cette réflexion autour de la genèse du racisme biologique et du crime de génocide. Une réflexion nécessaire à l’heure où le monde est de nouveau plongé dans d’autres formes de violences.

What Came Before He Shot Her

Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061805742
Format: PDF
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The brutal, inexplicable death of Inspector Thomas Lynley's wife has left Scotland Yard shocked and searching for answers. Even more horrifying is that the trigger was apparently pulled by a twelve-year-old boy. Who is he? Where did he come from? And what were the circumstances that led to his final act of desperation? That story begins on the other side of London, in rough North Kensington, where the three mixed-race, virtually orphaned Campbell children are bounced first from their grandmother then to their aunt. The oldest, fifteen-year-old Ness, is headed for trouble as fast as her high-heeled boots will take her. That leaves the middle child, Joel, to care for the youngest, Toby. No one wants to put it into words, but something clearly isn't right with Toby. Before long, there are signs that Joel himself has problems. A local gang starts harassing him and threatening his brother. To protect his family, Joel makes a pact with the devil—a move that leads straight to the front doorstep of Thomas Lynley. The anatomy of a murder, the story of a family in crisis, What Came Before He Shot Her is a powerful, emotional novel full of deep psychological insights, a novel that only the incomparable Elizabeth George could write.


Author: Val McDermid
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802191053
Format: PDF
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Val McDermid is one of the finest crime writers we have, whose novels have captivated millions of readers worldwide with their riveting narratives of characters who solve complex crimes and confront unimaginable evil. In the course of researching her bestselling novels McDermid has become familiar with every branch of forensics, and now she uncovers the history of this science, real-world murders and the people who must solve them. The dead talk—to the right listener. They can tell us all about themselves: where they came from, how they lived, how they died, and, of course, who killed them. Forensic scientists can unlock the mysteries of the past and help serve justice using the messages left by a corpse, a crime scene, or the faintest of human traces. Forensics draws on interviews with some of these top-level professionals, ground-breaking research, and McDermid’s own original interviews and firsthand experience on scene with top forensic scientists. Along the way, McDermid discovers how maggots collected from a corpse can help determine one’s time of death; how a DNA trace a millionth the size of a grain of salt can be used to convict a killer; and how a team of young Argentine scientists led by a maverick American anthropologist were able to uncover the victims of a genocide. It’s a journey that will take McDermid to war zones, fire scenes, and autopsy suites, and bring her into contact with both extraordinary bravery and wickedness, as she traces the history of forensics from its earliest beginnings to the cutting-edge science of the modern day.

Anatomie d un d sastre

Author: Enyo,
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Depuis le 11 septembre 2001, les États-Unis et l'Europe combattent le terrorisme par la guerre et la répression. Mais ces efforts restent vains : l'Afghanistan et l'Irak sont loin d'être pacifiés, le radicalisme islamique s'intensifie, les valeurs promues par l'Occident reculent partout. Pour dire son inquiétude et son désaccord avec la manière dont ce combat est mené, une responsable importante du renseignement européen, auquel l'anonymat s'impose, décrypte ici notre incompréhension totale du terrorisme islamique. Nous restons comme désarmés face aux guerriers de l'islam. À leur projet cohérent et globalisant répondent l'aveuglement et la dispersion des puissances occidentales. Or, sans intelligence des idées et des faits, nulle action n'est possible. Cette Anatomie d'un désastre revient donc aux fondements du travail de renseignement : interpréter les événements, entrer dans l'esprit de l'ennemi et éclairer notre jugement. Aujourd'hui, si la frange armée de l'islam vise l'Occident, c'est parce que la mondialisation permet de donner une nouvelle dimension au djihad. Il serait temps qu'Américains et Européens le comprennent et sortent de leurs contradictions entre logique policière et militaire, droit à la sécurité et défense des libertés. Cette leçon d'anatomie affronte nos contradictions pour en finir avec le politiquement correct, pétri de sensiblerie mais aussi de violence hypocrite. Elle nous invite à oser quelques orientations stratégiques novatrices, quitte à assumer de profonds paradoxes pour échapper au monde ambiant des préjugés. Connais ton ennemi et, pour le vaincre, connais-toi toi-même. Tel est le message que délivre l'auteur. Mieux vaut admettre la réalité du conflit et vivre avec nos démons qu'abdiquer nos libertés.

The Taming of Chance

Author: Ian Hacking
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521388849
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book combines detailed scientific historical research with characteristic philosophic breadth and verve.

Polymeric Materials with Antimicrobial Activity

Author: Maria Cerrada
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1849738076
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Antimicrobial polymers are materials that prevent microorganism growth and are needed for many everyday applications from food packaging and water treatment to medicine and healthcare. This new book covers different areas of antimicrobial materials based on polymers including chitosan, polymers with ammonium and phosphonium groups, polymer nanofibers, carbon-based polymer Nanocomposites, polymeric and non-polymeric metal complexes, and biomimetic materials. By combining the information of different materials as well as antimicrobial action modes and applications within one source, the book provides a general summary of the field. Polymeric Materials with Antimicrobial Activity starts with a general introduction to antimicrobial polymers and presents the most common types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae) along with the main areas of application of antimicrobial polymeric materials. Specific chapters then detail different polymer systems covering the fundamental issues of synthesis, characterization, physico-chemical properties and applications. With contributions from leading scientists the book is suitable for researchers in polymers, chemistry, biology and materials science interested in an overview of antimicrobial polymeric materials as well as the recent advances in their synthesis, properties and applications.

Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed

Author: Claire Magone
Publisher: Hurst
ISBN: 1849045267
Format: PDF
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From international NGOs to UN agencies, from donors to observers of humanitarianism, opinion is unanimous: in a context of the alleged "clash of civilizations", our "humanitarian space" is shrinking. Put another way, the freedom of action and of speech of humanitarians is being eroded due to the radicalisation of conflicts and the reaffirmation of state sovereignty over aid actors and policies. The purpose of this book is to challenge this assumption through an analysis of the events that have marked MSF's history since 2003 (when MSF published its first general work on humanitarian action and its relationships with governments). It addresses the evolution of humanitarian goals, the resistance to these goals and the political arrangements that overcame this resistance (or that failed to do so). The contributors seek to analyse the political transactions and balances of power and interests that allow aid activities to move forward, but that are usually masked by the lofty rhetoric of "humanitarian principles". They focus on one key question: what is an acceptable compromise for MSF? This book seeks to puncture a number of the myths that have grown up over the forty years since MSF was founded and describes in detail how the ideals of humanitarian principles and "humanitarian space" operating in conflict zones are in reality illusory. How, in fact, it is the grubby negotiations with varying parties, each of whom have their own vested interests, that may allow organisations such as MSF to operate in a given crisis situation - or not.

The Anatomy of Fascism

Author: Robert O. Paxton
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307428125
Format: PDF, ePub
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What is fascism? By focusing on the concrete: what the fascists did, rather than what they said, the esteemed historian Robert O. Paxton answers this question for the first time. From the first violent uniformed bands beating up “enemies of the state,” through Mussolini’s rise to power, to Germany’s fascist radicalization in World War II, Paxton shows clearly why fascists came to power in some countries and not others, and explores whether fascism could exist outside the early-twentieth-century European setting in which it emerged. "A deeply intelligent and very readable book. . . . Historical analysis at its best." –The Economist The Anatomy of Fascism will have a lasting impact on our understanding of modern European history, just as Paxton’s classic Vichy France redefined our vision of World War II. Based on a lifetime of research, this compelling and important book transforms our knowledge of fascism–“the major political innovation of the twentieth century, and the source of much of its pain.”

Careless in Red

Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061792950
Format: PDF, Mobi
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He found the body on the forty-third day of his walk . . . Devastated by the senseless murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley retreated to Cornwall, where he has spent six solitary weeks hiking the bleak and rugged coastline. But no matter how far he walks, the painful memories do not diminish. Then, at the base of a cliff near a town better known for its surfing than its intrigue, Lynley discovers the body of a young man who has fallen to his death. First a witness, then a suspect when the hand of a killer is revealed, Lynley remains, above all, a policeman willing to aid the gruff head of an understaffed local constabulary in her investigation. But the secrets in this community run dark and deep—and Lynley must somehow find a way to let go of the past long enough to solve a most devious and dreadful crime.