Fu ball ohne Abseits

Author: Ulf Gebken
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531197630
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Im gesellschaftlichen Diskurs um Migration und Integration in Deutschland richten sich stets große Erwartungen an den Fußball als Motor sozialer Veränderungen. Insbesondere Mädchen mit Zuwanderungsgeschichte sind jedoch auf deutschen Fußballplätzen noch immer selten zu finden. Seit 2006 hat sich das vormalige DFB-Modellprojekt Soziale Integration von Mädchen durch Fußball, das Mädchen aus marginalisierten Stadtteilen fördert, zu einem bundesweiten Erfolgsmodell entwickelt. Der Sammelband vereint Beiträge aus Wissenschaft und Praxis und erkundet Hintergründe, Konzepte und Wirkungen des Projektes. Er bietet so einen realistischen Blick auf die Integrations-, Bildungs- und Entwicklungspotenziale des Sports.

Muslim Women and Sport

Author: Tansin Benn
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134008503
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Examining the global experiences, challenges and achievements of Muslim women participating in physical activities and sport, this important new study makes a profound contribution to our understanding of both contemporary Islam and the complexity and diversity of women’s lives in the modern world. The book presents an overview of current research into constructs of gender, the role of religion and the importance of situation, and looks closely at what Islam has to say about women’s participation in sport and what Muslim women themselves have to say about their participation in sport. It highlights the challenges and opportunities for women in sport in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries, utilizing a series of extensive case-studies in various countries which invite the readers to conduct cross-cultural comparisons. Material on Iraq, Palestine and Bosnia and Herzegovina provides rare insights into the impact of war on sporting activities for women. The book also seeks to make important recommendations for improving access to sport for girls and women from Muslim communities. Muslim Women and Sport confronts many deeply held stereotypes and crosses those commonly quoted boundaries between ‘Islam and the West’ and between ‘East and West’. It makes fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the interrelationships between sport, religion, gender, culture and policy.

Sport and International Development

Author: Aaron Beacom
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230584403
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Investigating the capacity of sport to act both as a conduit for traditional development assistance activities and as an agent for change in its own right, this book argues that sport can contribute to the development process, particularly where traditional development approaches have difficulty in engaging with communities.


Author: Andrei S. Markovits
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400824182
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Soccer is the world's favorite pastime, a passion for billions around the globe. In the United States, however, the sport is a distant also-ran behind football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Why is America an exception? And why, despite America's leading role in popular culture, does most of the world ignore American sports in return? Offside is the first book to explain these peculiarities, taking us on a thoughtful and engaging tour of America's sports culture and connecting it with other fundamental American exceptionalisms. In so doing, it offers a comparative analysis of sports cultures in the industrial societies of North America and Europe. The authors argue that when sports culture developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, nativism and nationalism were shaping a distinctly American self-image that clashed with the non-American sport of soccer. Baseball and football crowded out the game. Then poor leadership, among other factors, prevented soccer from competing with basketball and hockey as they grew. By the 1920s, the United States was contentedly isolated from what was fast becoming an international obsession. The book compares soccer's American history to that of the major sports that did catch on. It covers recent developments, including the hoopla surrounding the 1994 soccer World Cup in America, the creation of yet another professional soccer league, and American women's global preeminence in the sport. It concludes by considering the impact of soccer's growing popularity as a recreation, and what the future of sports culture in the country might say about U.S. exceptionalism in general.

Das Reboot

Author: Raphael Honigstein
Publisher: Nation Books
ISBN: 1568585314
Format: PDF, Docs
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“A beautiful story, expertly told.” —Per Mertesacker, Arsenal defender and member of the German national team, winners of the 2014 World Cup Estádio do Maracanã, July 13, 2014, the last ten minutes of extra time in the World Cup Final: German forward Mario Götze jumps to meet a floated pass from André Schürrle, cushions the ball with his chest, and in one fluid motion volleys the ball past the onrushing Argentine goalkeeper into the far corner of the net. The goal wins Germany the World Cup for the first time in almost thirty years. As the crowd roars, Götze looks dazed, unable to comprehend what he has done. In Das Reboot, Raphael Honigstein charts the return of German soccer from the dreary functionality of the late 1990s to Götze's moment of sublime, balletic genius and asks: How did this come about? The answer takes him from California to Stuttgart, from Munich to the Maracanã, via Dortmund and Amsterdam. Packed with exclusive interviews with key figures, including Jürgen Klinsmann, Thomas Müller, Oliver Bierhoff, and many more, Honigstein's book reveals the secrets of German soccer's success.

Between Marx and Coca Cola

Author: Axel Schildt
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845450090
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the 1960s and 70s, a new youth consciousness emerged in Western Europe which gave this period its distinct character. This volume demonstrates how international developments fused with national traditions, producing specific youth cultures that becameleading trendsetters of emergent post-industrial Western societies.

Ict And Special Educational Needs

Author: Florian, Lani
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 033521195X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A reference for teachers interested in the uses of ICT as a tool to promote the inclusion of learners with special educational needs. It considers the role of technology in overcoming barriers of access to the curriculum and offers examinations of ICT asa teaching tool to raise standards for all.


Author: Uwe Timm
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 9780811216265
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A daring and brilliant military tactician, Morenga was fluent in several languages and by all reports a man of compassion, intelligence, and integrity, as he led his people towards freedom.

Positive Youth Development through Sport

Author: Nicholas L. Holt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317486110
Format: PDF
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Cutting through the political rhetoric about the power of sport as a tool for social change and personal improvement, this book offers insight into how and why participating in sport can be good for children and young people. As the first text to focus on the role of sport in positive youth development (PYD), it brings together high-profile contributors from diverse disciplines to examine critically the ways in which sport can be used to promote youth development. Now in a fully updated, revised and expanded new edition, Positive Youth Development through Sport covers a wider range of disciplines including sport psychology, development psychology, physical education, sport development and sport sociology. Its three main sections focus on: the theoretical and historical contexts of PYD quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing PYD in sport the potential of PYD in sport across different ages and abilities. With expanded guidance on how to apply positive youth development in practice, this is essential reading for all students, researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers with an interest in youth sport.