LeBron James vs the NBA

Author: Brendan Bowers
Publisher: Triumph Books
ISBN: 1633199207
Format: PDF, Docs
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Showcasing one of professional basketball's best players, this book spotlights the life and career of hardcourt superstar LeBron James. More than just a biography, it relates James' story while also establishing his prominent place in NBA history. By examining his skills and statistics in a variety of categories and comparing him to other NBA legends—including Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and more—the guide makes a strong case for James as basketball's greatest. Along the way, his best and most memorable moments are revisited, from his days as a high school stand-out in Akron, to his first stint with the Cavaliers, to "The Decision" to join the Miami Heat, and the show-stopping performance in the 2016 Finals to bring an NBA title back to Cleveland. LeBron James vs. The NBA is certain to stir up lively debate and is a must-have for Cavs fans and basketball buffs alike.

Return of the King

Author: Brian Windhorst
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1538759683
Format: PDF
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Now a New York Times bestseller! The inside story of LeBron James's return and ultimate triumph in Cleveland. What really happened when LeBron James stunned the NBA by leaving a potential dynasty in Miami to come home to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers? How did the Cavs use secret meetings to put together the deal to add star Kevin Love? Who really made the controversial decision to fire coach David Blatt when the team was in first place? Where did the greatest comeback in NBA history truly begin-and end? RETURN OF THE KING takes you onto the private planes, inside the locker-room conversations, and into the middle of the intense huddles where one of the greatest stories in basketball history took place, resulting in the Cavs winning the 2016 NBA title after trailing the Golden State Warriors three games to one. You'll hear from all the characters involved: the players, the executives, the agents, and the owners as they reveal stories never before told. Get the background on all the controversies, the rivalries, and the bad blood from two reporters who were there for every day, plot twist, and social media snafu as they take you through the fascinating ride that culminated in a heart-stopping Game Seven.

Chasing Perfection

Author: Andy Glockner
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0306824035
Format: PDF
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Chasing Perfection goes behind the scenes of the multi-million dollar, high-stakes world of basketball player development, research and analysis, and the often secretive, cutting-edge methods that NBA franchises use to turn less-expensive, supporting players into vital parts of championship teams. NBA superstars push as close to perfection as we’re likely to see, but they are few and far between. The farther you get from the league’s top echelon of talent, the more it’s up to the players—and their teams—to develop and utilize their strengths while diminishing and masking their weaknesses as much as possible. There are no perfect basketball players, but there are plenty of perfected ones, who start with a basis of skill and physical ability and then are refined further and further in order to move closer and closer to their absolute potential. In Chasing Perfection, national sportswriter Andy Glockner reveals that, though the concept of player improvement is as old as basketball itself, the current era of Big Data analytics in the NBA is transforming that process more quickly and aggressively than anything we have seen before. Players are learning more and more about themselves through video and data visualization, seeing how things like diet and sleep can impact their performance, and learning how having healthy joints and role-specific workout plans are lengthening and improving their careers. Teams are internalizing the same lessons, as well as figuring out how to better implement optimal on-court strategies, how to refine their approaches to player acquisition and how to gauge the varying values and success rates of different, crucial team-building strategies. It’s an absolutely fascinating time to be a fan, as the marriage of basketball and technology is bringing two of our most popular and competitive worlds together in compelling fashion. Using the 2014–15 NBA season as a prism to explore this mesh of sport and science, Glockner offers detailed perspective from NBA players, coaches, team management, and media, offering a comprehensive insider’s view of how analytics are shaping the basketball we watch, and how those who are lagging behind in the technology race already are feeling the competitive hit.


Author: Marcus Thompson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501147854
Format: PDF, Docs
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The #1 national bestseller and inside story of Steph Curry, the greatest shooter basketball has ever seen. Golden is the first book to provide an all-access look at Steph Curry and the team that has fueled Dub Nation—by longtime Warriors beat reporter and Bay Area News Group sports columnist Marcus Thompson, the go-to expert on all things Golden State. A lifelong Warriors fan turned insider Thompson is uniquely qualified to tell the definitive story of a singular talent, pulling back the curtain on the crazy work ethic and on-court intensity that make Curry great—and the emphasis on family and faith that keeps him grounded. Combining the competitive grit and fun-loving spirit of his mother with the mild demeanor, easy charm, and sharp shooting of his father, former NBA player Dell Curry, Steph Curry derives support and strength from his close-knit kin and his commitment to Christianity. This hard-working, wholesome image however is both a blessing and curse in a League of big personalities. Thompson unravels the complicated underpinnings of the Steph Curry hate with a nuanced analysis of how class and complexion come into play when a child with an NBA pedigree becomes the face of a sport traditionally honed on inner-city black top and dominated by the less privileged. With unprecedented access, Thompson draws from exclusive interviews with Steph Curry, his family, his teammates, Coach Steve Kerr, and the Warriors owners to bring readers inside the locker room and courtside with this remarkable athlete and man.

How Champions Think

Author: Bob Rotella
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476788642
Format: PDF
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A "guide to success in all aspects of life-- not just sports-- from business to relationships to personal challenges of every variety"--Amazon.com.

Kyrie Irving

Author: Clayton Geoffreys
ISBN: 9781507809402
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learn the Incredible Story of the Boston Celtics' Star Point Guard Kyrie Irving! Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. This holiday season, if you buy the print edition as a gift, you can keep the Kindle edition for yourself! Newly revised for the 2017-2018 NBA season, Kyrie Irving: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Most Versatile Point Guards details the inspirational story of basketball's star, Kyrie Irving. This unauthorized biography of Kyrie Irving highlights his quick ascent into the league as a brilliant passer and scorer. Kyrie Irving, often referred to as Uncle Drew, rivals Golden State Warrior Steph Curry in his incredible ability to control the basketball. Youth basketball players from all across the world view Kyrie Irving highlight reels to learn the ins and outs of passing and dribbling the basketball. Having such extraordinary skills, Kyrie is one of the best point guards in the NBA due to his court vision and ability to pass and score incredibly quickly. His agility is easily among the best in the NBA. Now as a new member of the Boston Celtics, Kyrie has the opportunity to lead his own team. Read on to learn about Kyrie Irving's journey into the league, to his college years at Duke University before ultimately propelling into the NBA. Here is a preview of what is inside this book: Childhood and High School Years Training with Pyonin College Years at Duke Kyrie Irving's NBA Career Getting Drafted and Rookie Season All-Star Appearances and the Return of Lebron Three Finals Appearances The Trade to Boston Kyrie's Personal Life Irving's Impact on Basketball Kyrie Irving's Legacy & Future An excerpt from the book: In their early twenties, most young adults are just graduating college and are looking for jobs. Kyrie Irving has yet to reach the veteran years of his career and is already an accomplished multiple-time NBA All-Star, the recipient of the 2012 Rookie of the Year Award, the 2014 NBA All-Star MVP, and an NBA champion at that. Not only that, but Kyrie went to the NBA Finals at a very young age while most NBA players retire without ever having a chance at an NBA championship. However, he would tell you these accolades are par for the course. As he was told by his father, "Stay hungry and humble." This proverb is what continues to drive Kyrie's relentless work both on and off the court. In a league dominated by incredibly talented point guards, there is no choice for aspiring athletes but to be great. For Kyrie, his buttery-smooth ball handling along with his knack for acrobatic finishes around the rim make him stand out from his contemporaries. Irving's game is crafty and elegant. He keeps opponents guessing from the top of the key right down to the bucket. His powerful dribbling ability and superb ambidexterity allow him to keep defenses on their heels. While the 24-second shot clock is ticking, Irving's collection of moves seems to be endless. He zigzags like a chess master. He keeps defenders on their heels and in anticipation of the inevitable and unavoidable show that Irving's hands can do. Tags: Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Duke Blue Devils, Duke Basketball, Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Rose, Austin Rivers

The Top 20 Moments in Cleveland Sports

Author: Bob Dyer
Publisher: Gray & Company
ISBN: 1598510304
Format: PDF, Docs
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Now in paperback.(Formerly titled "Cleveland Sports Legends" in hardcover.) The definitive book about Cleveland's top twenty sports events. These are the moments, good and bad, that Cleveland sports fans still talk about--and will continue to debate, bemoan, and cherish for generations: The Drive. The Fumble. Ten-cent beer night. Game Seven. The Shot. A great way to share the local sports legends with the next generation--or to relive them yourself.

What Truth Sounds Like

Author: Michael Eric Dyson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250199425
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A stunning follow up to New York Times bestseller Tears We Cannot Stop Harry Belafonte says: “Dyson has finally written the book I always wanted to read. I had the privilege of attending the meeting he has insightfully written about, and it’s as if he were a fly on the wall...a tour de force...a poetically written work that calls on all of us to get back in that room and to resolve the racial crises we confronted more than fifty years ago.” Joy-Ann Reid says: A work of searing prose and seminal brilliance... Dyson takes that once in a lifetime conversation between black excellence and pain and the white heroic narrative, and drives it right into the heart of our current politics and culture, leaving the reader reeling and reckoning." Robin D. G. Kelley says:“Dyson masterfully refracts our present racial conflagration through a subtle reading of one of the most consequential meetings about race to ever take place. In so doing, he reminds us that Black artists and intellectuals bear an awesome responsibility to speak truth to power." President Barack Obama says: "Everybody who speaks after Michael Eric Dyson pales in comparison.” In 2015 BLM activist Julius Jones confronted Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with an urgent query: “What in your heart has changed that’s going to change the direction of this country?” “I don’t believe you just change hearts,” she protested. “I believe you change laws.” The fraught conflict between conscience and politics – between morality and power – in addressing race hardly began with Clinton. An electrifying and traumatic encounter in the sixties crystallized these furious disputes. In 1963 Attorney General Robert Kennedy sought out James Baldwin to explain the rage that threatened to engulf black America. Baldwin brought along some friends, including playwright Lorraine Hansberry, psychologist Kenneth Clark, and a valiant activist, Jerome Smith. It was Smith’s relentless, unfiltered fury that set Kennedy on his heels, reducing him to sullen silence. Kennedy walked away from the nearly three-hour meeting angry – that the black folk assembled didn’t understand politics, and that they weren’t as easy to talk to as Martin Luther King. But especially that they were more interested in witness than policy. But Kennedy’s anger quickly gave way to empathy, especially for Smith. “I guess if I were in his shoes...I might feel differently about this country.” Kennedy set about changing policy – the meeting having transformed his thinking in fundamental ways. There was more: every big argument about race that persists to this day got a hearing in that room. Smith declaring that he’d never fight for his country given its racist tendencies, and Kennedy being appalled at such lack of patriotism, tracks the disdain for black dissent in our own time. His belief that black folk were ungrateful for the Kennedys’ efforts to make things better shows up in our day as the charge that black folk wallow in the politics of ingratitude and victimhood. The contributions of black queer folk to racial progress still cause a stir. BLM has been accused of harboring a covert queer agenda. The immigrant experience, like that of Kennedy – versus the racial experience of Baldwin – is a cudgel to excoriate black folk for lacking hustle and ingenuity. The questioning of whether folk who are interracially partnered can authentically communicate black interests persists. And we grapple still with the responsibility of black intellectuals and artists to bring about social change. What Truth Sounds Like exists at the tense intersection of the conflict between politics and prophecy – of whether we embrace political resolution or moral redemption to fix our fractured racial landscape. The future of race and democracy hang in the balance.

Days of Knight

Author: Kirk Haston
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253022401
Format: PDF, Docs
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What happens when a 6' 9" kid from Lobelville, Tennessee is recruited by legendary basketball coach Bob Knight? Kirk Haston’s life was changed forever with just a two-minute phone call. Containing previously unknown Knight stories, anecdotes, and choice quotes, fans will gain an inside look at the notoriously private man and his no-nonsense coaching style. Which past Hoosier basketball greats returned to talk to and practice with current teams? How did Knight mentally challenge his players in practices? How did the players feel when Knight was fired? In this touching and humorous book, Haston shares these answers and more, including his own Hoosier highs—shooting a famous three-point winning shot against number one ranked Michigan State—and lows—losing his mom in a heartbreaking tornado accident. Days of Knight is a book every die-hard IU basketball fan will treasure.

Golden Days

Author: Jack McCallum
ISBN: 0399179070
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"During their 1971-72 championship season, the L.A. Lakers won thirty-three games in a row ... a run of uninterrupted dominance that predated by decades the overwhelming firepower of today's Warriors, a revolutionary team whose recent seasons include some record-threatening win streaks of their own. Tying together the two strands [of the] story is Hall of Famer [Jerry] West, the ferociously competitive Laker guard who later became one of the key architects of the Warriors"--Amazon.com.