Cases Materials on Criminal Law

Author: Mike Molan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134096216
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cases and Materials on Criminal Law provides a comprehensive selection of key materials drawn from law reports, legislation, Law Commission consultation papers and reports, and Home Office publications. Clear and highly accessible, this volume is presented in a coherent structure and provides full coverage of the topics commonly found in the criminal law syllabus. The range of thoughtfully selected materials and authoritative commentary ensures that this book provides an essential collection of materials and analysis to stimulate the reader and assist in the study of this difficult and challenging area of law. New features include: revised text design with clear page layout, headings and boxed and shaded sections to aid navigation and readability chapter introductions to highlight the salient features under discussion short chapter table of contents to enable easier navigation "Comments and Questions" sections to encourage students to reflect on their reading expanded further reading to encourage students to engage further with the subject a Companion Website to provide regular updates to the book. Recent decisions of note that are extracted and analysed include R v Kennedy (manslaughter based on supply of heroin); Attorney General for Jersey v Holley (provocation); R v Mark and R v Willoughby (elements of killing by gross negligence); R v Barnes (consent as a defence to sporting injuries); Attorney General’s Reference (No 3 of 2004) (accessorial liability) and R v Hatton (intoxicated mistake in self defence cases). Consideration is also given to the likely changes to the law relating to corporate manslaughter, at the time of writing contained in the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill currently before Parliament. Two major law reform publications are extensively extracted and contextualised in this 4th edition - the Law Commission’s report on Murder, Manslaughter and Infanticide (Law Com No 304) and the Law Commission’s Report on Inchoate Liability for Assisting and Encouraging Crime (Law Com No 300). This book is an invaluable reference for students on undergraduate or CPE/PG Diploma in Law criminal law courses, particularly those studying independently or on distance learning programmes.

Contemporary Criminal Law

Author: Matthew Lippman
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1452285888
Format: PDF
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Contemporary Criminal Law: Concepts, Cases, and Controversies, Third Edition, combines the traditional concepts taught in undergraduate criminal law courses with thought-provoking cases and engaging learning tools. This popular text covers both foundational and emerging legal topics, such as terrorism, gangs, cybercrime, and hate crimes, in a student-friendly and approachable manner. Clear explanations of criminal law and defenses are complemented by provocative, well-edited cases as well as discussion questions to stimulate critical thinking and in-class discussion.


Author: David A. Sklansky
Publisher: Aspen Law & Business
ISBN: 9780735527560
Format: PDF, Docs
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Now, there is a refreshing new alternative for teaching and learning Evidence--David Sklansky's Evidence: Cases, Commentary, and Problems. This brand-new casebook focuses on core concepts and advanced issues in a manageable and readable 800 pages. These distinctive characteristics make the casebook a worthy teaching tool: - carefully edited cases, rather than problems, are the primary teaching vehicle - excerpts from treatises, law review articles, pertinent portions of the legislative history of the Rules (particularly the Advisory Committee Notes), congressional reports and relevant floor debates supplement the cases - carefully crafted problems--some hypothetical and some based on actual cases--help students test their understanding of particularly confusing rules - the selection and organization of the materials reflects the pervasive influence of the Federal Rules of Evidence - covers all the traditional Evidence topics as well as areas of emerging debate, such as questioning by jurors; also includes extensive materials on scientific Evidence and probabilistic proof - introductory chapter provides necessary background on the traditional structure of the Anglo-American trial, the nature and sources of Evidence law, the development of modern Evidence codes, and how to approach the study of Evidence lawThe casebook is just one component of a complete teaching package that includes: - statutory supplement -- see details below - a Teacher's Manual with discussion of both federal and California law - PowerPoint Slides for instructors to use in the classroom - a website where updates and relevant links will be available to users - a CD for adopterscontaining the Teacher's Manual and the powerpoint slidesBefore you select materials for your next Evidence course, take a good, long look at the newest entrant in the field, Evidence: Cases, Commentary, and Problems.

California Criminal Procedure

Author: Devallis Rutledge
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780942728972
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Finally--a text written specifically for California criminal procedure. CALIFORNIA CRIMINAL PROCEDURE prepares students in all of the law-related disciplines for their role in the California criminal justice system. It not only covers the general concepts, constitutional principles, and universal procedures applicable throughout the American system, but also the particular aspects of applied procedure in California. For ease of teaching and learning, the material is presented in a concise, straightforward manner, with frequent citation to statute, case law, or other sources, and direct quotations where appropriate.