Businomics From The Headlines To Your Bottom Line

Author: William B. Conerly
Publisher: Adams Media
ISBN: 1440500991
Format: PDF
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Businomics connects the dots between the economy and everyday business decisions including: staffing levels, inventory, capital expenditures, financial structure, and investments, and shows you how you can profit and protect your business during any economic cycle. You'll learn how to develop early warning systems for economic problems and to understand how local, regional, and foreign business cycles could affect your bottom line. Unlike textbooks or college courses, which teach abstract equations, theory, and economic policy, Businomics makes economics painless-and relevant. With Businomics you'll have all the tools you need to understand how the economy affects your business, industry, and investments. William Conerly, Ph.D. is the principal of Conerly Consulting LLC, which helps business leaders make more profitable decisions through a better understanding of the economy. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and an undergraduate economics degree from New College. He has been quoted in Fortune magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today and interviewed on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNN, and CNBC.

The Flexible Stance

Author: Bill Conerly
ISBN: 9780996765701
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Visualize a baseball game. A fast runner is on first base, looking to steal second. The runner takes a lead, then plants himself in a flexible stance. He's ready to run in either direction: to second base if he gets a chance to steal, or back to first base if the pitcher tries to pick him off. Using that stance in business is the subject of Dr. Bill Conerly's latest book, The Flexible Stance: Thriving in a Boom/Bust Economy.The economic outlook is uncertain--this year and in the future. Economists failed to predict the recessions of 2008, 2001, 1990 and 1982. Technology is changing faster than ever before, forcing businesses to confront different consumer demands as well as new production processes. Social attitudes also change faster in a more connected world. Gay marriage, marijuana and GMOs are all cases where public thinking changed rapidly. New competitors are springing up, such as Amazon in industrial supplies and Uber versus taxis. On top of these issues, government policy has moved in unprecedented directions, with highly uncertain results.The flexible stance is hard for business leaders, who usually rose to top positions using the sprinter's stance: focus on the tape 100 meters away, looking neither left nor right. Traditional corporate planning tries to develop the one perfect forecast of the future, then optimizes the company for that scenario. Unfortunately, the future often does not cooperate.Techniques for a more flexible stance include evaluating everyday decisions with an eye to whether they enable adjustment to change or inhibit adjustment. Contingency plans should be developed for both upside and downside possibilities. Faster execution reduces risk. Diversification can increase flexibility sometimes--but not always. The successful business leaders of the future will be humble about their ability to predict the future, but aggressive in developing flexibility to thrive whatever the future brings.

Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced

Author: Barry J. Epstein
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470498286
Format: PDF, Docs
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Your single, authoritative source to GAAP under the new Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) system By mid-2009, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is expected to release its Accounting Standards Codification (ASC), a new, clearer indexing system that is much easier to access and research. Though the Codification does not change U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), it does reorganize the thousands of U.S. GAAP pronouncements from difficult-to-use chronological listings and multiple series of pronouncements into a single, easily accessible source conveniently organized by topic/subject. Arriving at just the right time, Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced contains complete coverage of all levels of GAAP, as well as integrated cross-references to the new ASC. In addition, Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced renders GAAP more understandable and accessible for research and is designed to reduce the amount of time and effort you spend to solve accounting research issues. Your authoritative guide to GAAP under the new codification system, this invaluable resource makes learning the new ACS system a breeze, with at-your-fingertips information that does the work for you. Practical and reliable, Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced is your essential tool to navigate through these new, uncharted waters.

From Resource Allocation to Strategy

Author: Clark G. Gilbert
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199277452
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Is strategy a coherent plan conceived at the top by a visionary leader, or is it formed by a series of individual commitments, not always reflecting what top management has in mind? If it is a series of commitments, how can they be managed? To answer these questions, Joseph L. Bower and Clark G. Gilbert present research that examines how strategy is actually made by company managers across several levels of an organization. The research penetrates the "black box" of strategy formulation and shows that a company's realized strategy emerges less from the formal statements of corporate strategy, but often out of the pattern of resource commitments that originate across every level of the firm. Drawing on over thirty yeas of research on resource allocation, including studies from Harvard Business School, Stanford, London Business School, and INSEAD, the book's five sections detail the structural characteristics of the resource allocation process, how the process can lead to breakdowns in strategic outcomes, and where top management can intervene to shape desired results. And while the organizing authors connect over three decades of research on resource allocation, they have also included assessments of this work by thought leaders in the fields of economics, competitive strategy, organizational behavior, and strategic management. The processes described represent the complex reality of strategy formulation in large organizations, but the ideas are presented in a way that enables the reader to access and understand the implications of these complexities. The findings should inform the research of economists, strategists, and behavioural scientists. Thoughtful executives and those who consult with them will also find the book provocative and instructive.

Life Moxie

Author: Ann Tardy
ISBN: 9780979585708
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This resource provides nine essential strategies to help readers create theirown moxie and turn up the volume in their lives.

Chocolates on the Pillow Aren t Enough

Author: Jonathan M. Tisch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470134097
Format: PDF, Docs
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Praise for Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough "Jonathan recognizes that in today's Internet-fed, savvy-consumer world, it is the people-to-people connections, regardless of price point, that differentiate a customer's experience. Gimmicks come and go, but without sincere and caring people delivering the overall experience, from start to finish, well, it's true--chocolates on the pillow are not enough. A great read!" —David Neeleman, founder and CEO, JetBlue Airways Corporation "If you don't work for your customer, you're not doing your job. Who better to turn to for lessons in great customer experiences than Jonathan Tisch? He has long been one of the most respected leaders in travel and hospitality, and when it comes to treating all customers like guests, to put it simply, he gets it. And then some." —Millard S. Drexler, Chairman and CEO, J. Crew Group "What brings customers back to my restaurants? Why do viewers watch my TV show? It's more than Bam! It's delivering a kicked-up customer experience. Tisch is the guy who knows how to do this best. His book gives the inside scoop on how to excite your customers and bring 'em back for more." —Emeril Lagasse "Attention to detail, passion, and dedication are a few of the things that made me successful as an athlete. Jonathan knows that by doing the same in business, you maximize the customer's experience and outscore the competition." —Tiki Barber

Children s Songs for Banjo Made Easy

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1610652894
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Easy to play five-string banjo arrangements of twenty-four Children's favorites by banjo master Ross Nickerson. Not only are these songs fun to play but from an instructional standpoint they are perfect for helping you develop the ability to bring out the melody in the bluegrass banjo style. Accenting the melody within the steady rhythmic roll of banjo playing is one of the biggest challenges facing banjo students and these familiar melodies are ideal for your development of that skill. Each song is arranged and performed using proper three-finger bluegrass technique. the arrangements are carefully designed to bring out the melody, but easy enough for a beginner or intermediate player to learn quickly.The tablature in the book is large and easy to read with accent marks for melody notes, as well as right and left-hand fingering indications. This book is not simply a tablature book! Children's Made Easy for Banjo also features instruction on learning the chords to each song, chord progression charts for each song, special learning tips for each arrangement, a full page of advice on memorizing the songs and more. Also, in the instructional section of the book Ross includes a page of suggestions on the best use of practice time and how to develop the skills needed to succeed with each piece. Children's Songs Made Easy for Banjo features a high quality studio recorded CD of all the songs played at three speeds and a bonus track of Ross performing improvised versions of several of the songs in the book.

Cash Return on Capital Invested

Author: Pascal Costantini
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080461786
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this book, Pascal Costantini gives a lively and wonderfully readable account of ten years of efforts by a small group of investment analysts to find a reliable, practical and implementable method for valuing and selecting shares. The result of their effort is an original investment methodology called CROCI (Cash Return on Capital Invested), best described as a variation of the economic profit model. For over a decade now, Costantinis group at Deutsche Bank has been using this valuation tool every time it has had to take a view on the pricing of an equity asset, be it a market, a sector or an individual sharein other words, every single working day, since it is this groups job to advise institutional investors on equity valuation. Costantini describes in detail, accompanied by concrete examples in the form of charts and graphs, the precise investment results of the actual implementation of the CROCI approach in the global equity markets since 1996. Readers will enjoy taking this journey with Costantini to see how and why the model was developed, assess the results of ten years of actual implementation and measure the successes of using this model in stock picking and portfolio construction. This book will also make it easy for them to see how the CROCI approach can be used successfully by others now and in the future. The book is divided into four parts. The first part is a review and discussion of the fundamentals of investment analysis. The second part is dedicated to the construction of economic data, with the sole objective of calculating an economically meaningful asset multiple and relative return, the combination of which gives an economic PE ratio, the authors main stock selection tool. While the economic profit model is not exactly new, it is still largely ignored by the investment community. In essence, it does three things: it calculates the real amount of cash, or value created by a business; it compares the market value of an asset to an approximation of its replacement value; and it assumes that the former will converge to the latter through the arbitrage of investors and capital providers. The third part is dedicated to the analysis of economic data, and the last part deals with the actual implementation of the CROCI economic profit model, including real life examples. This final part also discusses how to use the output of the CROCI model with individual stocks, and then with investment portfolios. *Techniques are based on the authors performance record at Deutsche Bank since 1996 *Based on almost ten years of proprietary knowledge and implementation of these techniques *Factual illustrations of the results of the valuation techniques are provided at each step *Techniques are based on the author's performance record at Deutsche Bank since 1996 *Based on almost ten years of proprietary knowledge and implementation of these techniques *Factual illustrations of the results of the valuation techniques are provided at each step

The High Achiever s Guide to Happiness

Author: Vance Caesar
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452206287
Format: PDF, ePub
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Do you feel that happiness and fulfillment are still missing even after reaching the high goals you set for yourself? This inspirational resource is a must for leaders who want to connect personal values, vision, and satisfaction to life and work. In this simple, straightforward leadership coaching guide, the authors provide seven keys to gaining fulfillment in your life and work: This inspirational resource is a must for leaders who want to connect personal values, vision, and satisfaction to life and work. In this simple, straightforward leadership coaching guide, the authors provide seven keys to gaining fulfillment in your life and work: Discovering your Purpose Possessing Vision Finding Meaningful Work Energizing Relationships Creating Peace Reviewing, Renewing, and Recommitting Forming Discipline